Get the “Parallex Effect” iOS feature on Android with 3D Image Live Wallpaper

3d_image_live_wallpaperA lot of iOS 7’s features that they unveiled today at the WWDC include capabilities that Android has already had. One of those is “Parallex Effect,” which gives iPhone homescreens an illusion of the icons moving around depending on the angle at which you tilt the screen. An Android app called 3D Image Live Wallpaper does the same thing that the iOS feature does, and has actually been around for a while.  The gyroscope-controlled effect that the app provides lays over any wallpaper you choose, and it’s actually pretty cool.

The wallpaper costs $1.60 and you can download it from the Play Store via the link after the break. Try it out and let us know what you think.

source: Android Guys

Play Store Download Link 

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  • kasper

    dont have a cc, some free apps that does the same like this?
    Please let me know

  • hrsgroup

    in android you will just change a wallpaper to a 3d wallpaper

    for iOS users the beauty and detail and feeling means more.

    Sir Ive made something to close samsung’s mouth for years..!!!

  • Fred

    Look at Panoramic Screen. It uses your geroscop

  • Kezza

    I love this app! The images that come with it are nice, but if you spend a little time and tweak the settings a little the results are awesome, be interested if it plays up with the adjustments and I’ll be watching power consumption. I loaded one of my own images, an anime head and it’s just amazing. Thanks for the heads up