Verizon updating pre-paid plans, data caps to increase


Big Red is about to refresh their pre-paid plans a bit— starting today, existing customers will be able to enjoy raised data caps with no price change on their existing plan. The new plan will effect new customers starting June 6th.

The previous plan had two options, one for $60 monthly and 500MB, and another for $70 monthly and 2GB. Both had unlimited talk and text.

The new plan will keep the same pricing and unlimited talk and text, however the $60 option will offer 2GB of data while the $70 option will offer 4GB of data. Just remember, these plans are for 3G service only so don’t expect to get this bargain on a high-end device. Will any of you be taking advantage of the upped data caps? Let us know about your decision in the comments!

Source: Verizon Wireless