Samsung grabs 95% of global Android smartphone profits in Q1 2013


As we reported before, over 900 million Android-powered smartphones have been activated since the platform’s debut in 2007. While its no surprise that Samsung leads the herd over HTC, LG and Sony (among other competitors), it may come as a shock just how much they dominate by. According to a report by Strategy Analytics, Samsung captured 95% of Android’s profit in the first quarter of 2013. 

The report states that Android made $5.3 billion dollars in the first quarter, with Samsung making $5.1 billion off Android-powered handsets in that same time period. That comes to 94.7% of the profit share, and those figures don’t include tablets. While some question Samsung’s tactics, such as using all plastic hardware and producing multiple phones every year, something is clearly working for them.

In second place, LG accounted for 2.5% of the profit share, while all other manufacturers (including HTC, Sony, Pantech and many more) accounted for the last 2.7%. Samsung’s incredible numbers led to one more startling realization: Strategy Analytics’ Director Neil Mawston believes Samsung now makes more money from Android than Google.

Source: Strategy Analytics