New Samsung video provides walk-through of SideSync features, allows for connection between PC and a Galaxy phone


Samsung released its new SideSync software that they say “connects the PC and mobile as one.” We couldn’t agree more, as this innovative application allows for a sort of dual-screen feature from your PC to your Galaxy phone. You can drag and drop files from your computer and place them right on your phone’s home screen, copy clipboard content from one device to the other, and even use a screen sharing mode which lets users view their Galaxy phone’s screen on their PC monitor to use it as a virtual phone. From this mode users can take full advantage of all of the functions of their phone, and can also resize the phone’s screen on the PC monitor.  All of this can be done while effortlessly navigating both devices using the PC mouse.

Check out Samsung’s walk-through video of SideSync after the break.



  • Marden Knudsen

    so you connect your phone to your laptop with a cable to sync? – what an age we live in

    • Aslı Büşra

      Or with Wi-Fi