How to install a front-facing camera on a Samsung Galaxy S

I don’t know about you, but I was a little disappointed when I heard that the US line of Galaxy S phones was missing a front-facing camera. It seems a few die hards over at the XDA-Developers forum feel the same way, and have come up with a very DIY method for installing a FFC on a Galaxy S phone. It should be noted that this hack was performed on a Vibrant, but the author believes this can be performed on any Galaxy S.

All you need is some tools to open the phone, a little denatured alcohol, this replacement camera ($16.49) which includes the FFC, this ROM, and this camera data file.  You also may want to watch this video of the Galaxy S being torn down, so you’re familiar with the ins and outs of the device before you go digging up its insides.

Then follow these “simple” steps:

1. Shutdown your Vibrant, remove battery, sim card, sd card
2. Remove each screw in the back plate
3. Using an opener tool (or something to wedge between the back and front plates), snap off the back plate.
4. Disconnect all of the “snap on” assemblies
5. Remove the Camera
6. being careful not to snap the connection to the power button (it is glued on the phone), move the main board to the side slightly so it stays safe.
7. Using your method of choice (paint remover chemical or fiber glass pen), remove the paint inside the circle molding where the FFC mounts to.
8. Install camera when area is fully dry (5 minutes or so)
9. Put phone back together
10. Flash Eugene’s Froyo (R3 is latest as of writing) – remember to flash a 2.1 kernel whenever trying to nandroid restore or installing a 2.1 rom so you don’t brick your phone during the downgrade
11. adb push cameradata file to /system/cameradata
12. boot up phone, download “mirror app for samsung galaxy s” from the market
13. Check your hair or something using your newly installed FFC!!

There you have it, you’re now running a hopefully functional FFC on your Galaxy S! This hack is certainly not for the feint of heart, but if you’re the kind of person that loves fiddling around with tiny parts and potentially rendering things useless, this might be right up your alley.  Hit up the source link below (highly recommended), for more instructions, photos, and support.

[via XDA-Developers]

  • max

    can you make a full blown video of tear down install, rom ,flash all you need to do to put the ffc on a vibrant? i still havent seen one work full?

  • tushar dharashivkar

    just dial *#0*#

  • Rif

    I bought my Galaxy S in NL and it includes the FFC – so no problem there.

    The link to the replacement camera is a complete front and back camera spare part. At 20 USD that is quite cheap.

  • Neya

    can this be perfomed on the samsung galaxy s from cellular south ?

  • Lovebug

    Could it in any way mess up your phone if you attempt this ? It it fairly easy or a bit diffucult to perform ?

  • khan

    my galaxy s ffc not working plz help me