Quad-core or Octa-core, it doesn’t matter says Samsung’s J.K. Shin


How many of you think it matters how many cores the processor in your phone has? It doesn’t matter, or at least that is what the head of IT and Mobile Communications and co-CEO of Samsung J.K. Shin would like you to believe. While Europe and the U.S. will get the quad-core Snapdragon version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, other markets will see the Exynos 5 octa-core variant. This decision has ruffled some feathers with consumers hoping to get their hands on the Exynos version here in the states without having to import it.

J.K. Shin believes this to be a moot point according to CNET, because the processors are similar enough that the average consumer wouldn’t be affected. If this doesn’t help you to understand Samsung’s decision, maybe this will: the real reason why  Samsung chose to launch different specs in different markets was a supply issue. Most of us can probably agree that if you only have enough to supply your home market or an outside market, we would all chose the home market, and that’s what Samsung did.

There you have it folks, the reason why your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S 4 doesn’t have a Exynos 5 octa-core processor is a supply issue, but it doesn’t matter anyways. He is probably right. I’m sure the average consumer could walk out of the store with either variant and never know the difference. However for developers and gamers, a processor can mean whether their game is better then the next guy’s by pushing the limits of mobile gaming.

So do you guys agree with J.K. Shin? Do you think you could tell the difference?

Source: Tech radar

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  • http://twitter.com/__MarkW__ Mark Wilcox

    The Samsung Octa-core chip only uses 4 cores at a time. It has 4 high performance high power consumption cores and 4 compatible ones that are slower but use less battery. Which ones are in use is determined by what you’re running at the time.

    The Qualcomm chip has 4 cores which are close to the high performance cores on the Samsung chip but consume less power generally and scale power consumption up and down more effectively.

    It’s just two different ways of doing the same thing. Samsung’s way uses more silicon but costs them less because they don’t have to pay for Qualcomm’s IP.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Downes/100001811702298 Gary Downes

      Well done! Finally someone with more intellect than the idiot journo’s who write complete crap and looking for any excuse to bash the GS4.

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    gandu sale… chut ke baal… octa core nahi dega.. chutiya samjh rakha hai..

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      You Write Buddy Sach Main Chutiya hi samaz rahra hai lavda samsung

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