Samsung further toots its Galaxy S 4’s innovative features by telling the masses we still don’t know how truly awesome the features are



We already know that Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 smartphone comes jam-packed with a ton of awesome new features, but what Samsung is out to show there is truly more to the device than anyone could have ever imagined. The world’s largest manufacturer believes that “true innovation involves giving more meaning and comfort to the lives of users through new technologies“. The effect is that the Galaxy S 4 features a combined nine sensors and tons of recognition technologies which aim to learn a user’s behavior, which pretty much aims to make one’s life as easy as possible because hey— we can all be thankful for the Galaxy S 4 having the ability to turn the screen off on its own in order to prevent unnecessary touch interaction while the user is on the phone, right?

You can check out all the interesting sensors and jazzy stuff at the link below.

source: Samsung Tomorrow


  • stilliwigs

    Your last part was a bad comment. My ace can do that!

  • Vincent Armstead

    Still have to wait and watch the full features of this device..