Galaxy Note III Will Be First Device With Samsung’s S Orb Photo Feature

Galaxy Note 3 Will Be First To Feature Samsung's S Orb

The Galaxy Note 3 is slated to launch in September and according to a new report, will be the first Samsung device to feature S Orb. We originally expected this feature to debut in the Galaxy S 4. S Orb is very similar to Photo Sphere on the Nexus 4 and allows users to take 360-degree panorama photos. There are a couple reasons why the Galaxy Note 3 could get S Orb ahead of the Galaxy S 4. Samsung appears to be waiting on upgrading to Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie which won’t be announced until Google I/O in May. With the Galaxy S 4 launching ahead of the announcement, that means an update is further down the line. However, Samsung could ship the Galaxy Note 3 in September with Android 5.0 installed.

Source: Android Geeks