Well, this certainly is a new record; Verizon has apparently discontinued the DROID DNA after only 4 months


The title certainly isn’t a mistake folks, Verizon has apparently “retired” the HTC DROID DNA after only 4 months of being on the market. I’m sure we’re all wondering why this move was made, could it have been due to lackluster sales? Or perhaps Verizon is planning on making room for the upcoming HTC One device? Either way, 4 months is just not acceptable and embarrassing for Verizon to do this to their customers.

This was first brought up when users started to notice that the DNA wasn’t available on Verizon’s website anymore. After several XDA users contacting Verizon to ask about it, several have confirmed that the device has been discontinued by Verizon. Below is a conversation from XDA user robertmoore208 with a Verizon representative that seemed to have confirmed the retirement of the DNA.


On the other hand, a Droid-Life reader points out that you can find the DROID DNA on this pre-order page. This reader was told that devices can go in and out of stock, but a few Verizon store reps mentioned that their stores have been out of stock for some time. There is also the possibility that the SKU has changed to ADR6435LVW2, but I have no idea why Verizon would need to make that change. In my opinion, it’s likely we will see the updated Butterfly that we reported about earlier in the week. Since the DROID DNA is based on the original Butterfly, it’s likely the Verizon will launch this phone as either the DROID DNA 2 or the DROID DNA+ very soon. Stay tuned.

sources: Verizon Forums / XDA / Droid-Life


  • Kenneth Morris

    i just bought one on ebay and love it. it’s a shame.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Verizon is a pitiful conclusion for a carrier and so was the Htc Dna.

  • Jennifer Cox

    I just updated to this phone last week and when my mom went later that night to go and update her phone the salesman told her that they were discontinuing this phone because of bad programming issues. Idk exactly what issues they are but I love the phone. My husband has had it for the time that its been out and he hasn’t had any problems with it.

  • asonc

    HTC DNA drops calls like crazy, also has a defective charging port plus voice on calls fades in and out. Need I mention more???? HTC made way too many defects w/ this phone.

  • dna

    I’ve had mine since it came out no problems ;-)