Lookout Security app updated to provide hotfix for Galaxy S III lock screen hack


Mobile security is being an increasingly big deal, and after that tricky little lock screen hack was discovered last week on a few Samsung model phones, it’s easy to see why. Fortunately, expert security application Lookout has released an update on the Play Store that temporarily patches this issue until Samsung can get a bugfix out to all of the afflicted devices.

Essentially, the hack involved trying to place an emergency call and accessing emergency contacts, then backing out to the home screen from the contact list. This would give the user full access to an unlocked home screen. Lookout has fixed that glitch by preemptively bringing the emergency dialer to the foreground when it’s running, which breaks the home button trick. This hotfix works on the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S III Mini, and the Galaxy Note II. Not a perfect solution, but hopefully this will hold people over until Samsung can personally fix the problem.

source: Lookout Blog