Offline speech recognition for third-party apps discovered in Google Search update


Developers of voice command app utter! have discovered a nice surprise included in the latest Google Search update that increases the usability of speech-recognition on Jelly Bean powered Android devices. Much of the focus since Google released the latest update has been on the new widget for Google Now. There has also been some interest in new partners and access to college basketball teams for sports cards. The change discovered by utter! may have a more far-reaching impact than those features.

With the latest update, apps from third-party developers can now access the speech-recognition dictionaries on your device. Previously, only Google’s own apps could access the dictionaries. For end users, this means the speech-recognition function can run faster and is accessible even when no data connection is available. To add the dictionaries to your device so they will be available for other apps, go to your Google Now settings, look under “Voice” and find the dictionary you want to download.

source: AndroidCentral

  • Kenzie Mitchell

    Very neat. :D