Samsung Galaxy S IV to utilize touchless gestures for screen’s navigation



We already know the Galaxy S IV will have some pretty awesome specs— but we are hearing whispers that the smartphone will feature a revolutionary feature that aims to separate itself from most of the competition. According to Korean website DDaily, the Samsung Galaxy S IV is utilizing Atmel’s newest maXTouch S controllers for mixed signal inputs which would allow gesture-based navigation on the Galaxy S IV’s UI without needing to make actual contact with the screen. So essentially, Samsung is potentially pushing the envelope and is thinking big by enabling us to do general actions like answer phone calls or scroll through screens and windows all by making a gesture as opposed to touching the actual screen. Very cool indeed.

Of course this is all speculation for now— but if this is true (and we are certainly inclined to believe it is true)— then Samsung is all but certain to have yet another hit on its hands once the new smartphone is released to the masses.

source: DDaily
via: phonearena

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  • Brandon Wann

    This would be interesting, hopefully they complete the testing on it before it’s released. I would hate to glance at a notification and scroll up on accident.

  • PKM

    Sony had it first, but i guess they are not apple, to sue for everything.

    • John Christopher Green

      What Is The Name Of The Sony Phone ?

  • Alan Goldman

    meanwhile, Apple is still struggling to go past a 4″ screen.

  • Steve Schmidt

    Sony has it first but who buys Sony phones. Waiting for the launch to see the full specs and features of phone.

  • John Christopher Green

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  • RTWright

    Well for some things I see this being ok, but when it comes to clicking on small text links and or trying to zoom in and out on certain aspects. This could be a problem. The system is already sensitive to touch as it is. There are times when my fingers are barely hovering over the screen and it activates something. Like when I’m letting my finger do the searching for the right link to click on. I’ve had it without me touching the screen activate a link by mistake. To me this would pose a slightly clumsy mechanic that could pose more issues than it’s worth. Hopefully there is an ON and OFF option for it.

  • touhou

    Sony already did this