NVIDIA Shows Off Ability To Stream PC Games To Project SHIELD Gaming Device, Reiterates How Badass The Gaming Device Can Be



It’s one thing to see NVIDIA’s Project Shield bringing PC-level action to gamers— but it’s another thing to see the concept in action. Let me explain— NVIDIA took some time to highlight that gamers can get caught up in playing in intense gaming sessions for games such as Borderlands 2, but often times have to take a break in order to be AFK (away from the keyboard)— having to stop the action entirely and kill any momentum gathered from within the game. NVIDIA points out that with its new Project Shield gaming device— gamers won’t need to stop their game anymore just because they are AFK from the desktop computer. Thanks to the built-in Tegra 4 chip and the ability to stream PC games through a SHIELD Android app and the tap of a few buttons, gamers can immediately resume the action and enjoy PC-level gaming thanks to the awesome graphics and fluid controls. What’s even more awesome is despite the fact that games are streamed– there’s no drop off in terms of overall quality of the games. Very nice NVIDIA.

We know you’re itching to get an idea of how this works, so be sure to hit the source link in order to see the streaming games concept in action.


source: NVIDIA Blog