Android grabs 70% of smartphone market share in Q4 2012

We’ve already seen some of the numbers for smartphones that were shipped in Q4 2012, but now we get a peek at the numbers that show just how dominant Android really was last year. According to Strategy Analytics, Google’s Android was running on a whopping 70.1% of smartphones shipped over the holiday quarter. That totals out to about 152 million phones, up from 80 million a year ago. Apple’s iOS came in second place with a measly 22%. Year-over-year, there was a 38% growth in smartphone sales in Q4, and a growth of 42.7% over the entire year. And in case you think that Android market grab was a fluke because of the holidays, 68.4% of all devices all year were running Android. which is more than triple of what its fruity nemesis sold. I think it’s safe to say our favorite little robot has achieved global domination, right?

source: Strategy Analytics

  • Alisha Taylor

    Google has so far been a pretty humble organization, in comparison to others who have had monopoly level market share. The company culture and leadership seems to encourage this. So I suppose (and am hoping), they will continue to act responsibly.