Sony’s 2013 potential flagship devices ousted; Quad-core Cortex-A15 with a huge battery is expected

Recently there have been rumblings of Sony releasing some hefty Android juggernauts in the coming year of 2013. Codename’s of Sony’s Yuga/Odin have been flying around lately and is expected to be one hell of a device. With Sony recently taking HTC’s #2 spot and only behind Samsung when it comes to Androids top manufacturers, I’m sure they’re preparing for a big push this next year to challenge that top spot.

The leaks are pointing towards 5+” full HD displays paired with a  quad-core Cortex-A15 processors along with 13 MP Exmor RS cameras on the back. Here’s what the Sony tipster had to say:

quarterly flagship machine:
5 inch 1080P screen
A15 4-core
3,000 mAh battery
16 megapixel camera
overall size and Yuga almost. The hardware configuration the stereotypes too early to say, may change next October.

first half of the high-end machine:
Xperia 4 – 720p ~ 360PPI, 12MP, MSM8960T, 1.5GB, microSD, 16GB, 1800mAh
Xperia – 1080p 2400mAh
Xperia 5R – 1080p 440PPI, 13MP, APQ8064, LTE, 2GB, microSD, 32GB, 2800mAh, waterproof IP57
Xperia 6 – 1080p ~ 370PPI, 13MP, APQ8064, LTE, 3GB, microSD, 32GB, 3500mAh

As you can see it looks like Sony is planning on releasing several tiers of devices. The Xperia 4 being the mid-range device and the other two high end. The Xperia 6 is what boggles me— a phone with potentially a 6-inch display that just seems far too large for my liking! The Galaxy Note II’s display is already pushing it as is, but then again that’s just my opinion and maybe many people will love the size. What I am most certainly glad to see is the bump is battery, 2800mAh’s and 3500mAh’s is awesome to see on a mobile phone.

I have never given Sony phones a shot, but with devices touting anywhere close to this proposed spec sheet, it would be impossible to turn my head away.

Given these rumored specs, will you guys give Sony a shot in the Android world that’s dominated by Samsung?

source: Sony Forums

  • Hilman_ca

    I have never had a Sony phone but these look promising and enticing.

  • yarrellray

    Yeah numbers and specs rumors all sound good for attention. If you want to be relevant like Samsung then bring the goods. Samsung rules this space they are proven and has great software/features. Sony has so much to catch up to I wish them luck but it’s very doubtful they will ever even mount a challenge to Samsung.