Apple Chips Away At Samsung’s Business: Stops Buying Its CPUs


It’s no secret Apple has been going after Samsung, both in the mobile market and in the courts. Now it looks like Apple will take the grudge match to a new arena as it is set to shift CPU orders away from Samsung and to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacture Company (TSMC). DigiTimes cites industry observers as saying it appears likely TSMC will produce the chips for Apple’s next iOS device in 2013. Should TSMC get the massive Apple order, it will be forced to balance its production capability between its new client and some of its other big name customers like Qualcomm, Nvidia and Altera. The combined iPhone and iPad CPU demands is estimated at roughly 200 million per year. This means TSMC will need a minimum of 200,000 12-inch wafers in order to take on the additional demand. I’m not a quotable “industry observer” but come on, who didn’t see this coming?

Source: DigiTimes

  • Kary Krismer

    Wasn’t there news a few weeks ago that Samsung was raising prices to Apple, sort of setting this up?

  • Justin A

    I’m wondering what switching processors will do to their OS. You’ve gotta think there will be at least SOME compatibility issues. That would be fun…

  • Michael Gonzalez

    Apple’s processors perform well because they are made by Samsung. Sure you can pay some other company to make them, but you iOS fans will see a noticeable difference in performance. Mark my words, they will regret their decision to do so when they are met with customer dissatisfaction next year.

  • Roland H

    TSMC is a very prestigious and Quality products expert. They produce for one of the most demanding company’s in the industry like Qualcomm and Nvidia.. Apple should be ok with this move IOS will remain victorious. Just my opinion.

    • yarrellray

      That’s pretty comical

    • pigcat

      pretty sure there will be no big difference

  • yarrellray

    Samsung will be just fine. Apple can take a walk off a short bridge.

  • Bacon Frazzle

    Samsung aren’t exactly going to be surprised by this, are they? especially taking into account the recent price hike Samsung have inflicted on Apple for processors.

  • Wally Wanks

    I chose the Samsung Note2 over the Iphone 5, but my daughter got the Iphone5. In almost every test, the Note2 kills it. Samsung is driven, Apple is falling apart at the seams without Steve Jobs. Mark my words, they will end up the same way they did without him last time…. Just look at the Iphone5, its not leading, its barely keeping up. Samsung S4 will be on par with a ulrabook, and that will drop in less than 6 months. Apple is still trying to clean up the ipnone5 mess, let alone drop a leading Iphone6. Sad to say ,but Apple Minus Steve Jobs, is Microsoft light… just a matter of time…