Android taking over China’s smartphone market in latest analysis

As Android continues to grow its market share on both smartphones and tablets throughout the world, one location where it is enjoying immense success is China. The latest report from Analysys International estimates Android now commands 90 percent of the Chinese market. Analysys’ estimate is based on data from both device sales and ownership. This is up from just over 58 percent last year.

Achieving such a dramatic milestone obviously comes at the cost of other mobile operating systems. iOS, typically seen as Android’s closest competitor, fell from 6 percent to only 4.2 percent of the Chinese market. The iPhone 5 is not yet available in China, but it would take some massive sales numbers to regain market share. Nokia’s Symbian system is down to a mere 2.4 percent while Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Linux systems all fight for negligible shares of the market.

Despite Android being on the verge of monopolizing the Chinese market, Google continues to struggle with its presence there due to a variety of service blockages.

source: TNW