LG Rumored To Sell Nexus 4 At A Significantly Higher Cost Than What Is Found In The Play Store


While it’s exciting that Google is selling the Nexus 4 through its Play Store for as little as $299 here in the US and parts of Europe, it looks like those in other parts of the world may not be so lucky to grab the device for such a low price. According to Androidos, there are reports coming in from Europe indicating that LG will be selling the Nexus 4 directly for as much as €599 or $768 USD in countries like Italy. Additional reports indicate similar pricing for other markets including Spain and India, which will likely see the device priced at INR 34K or 35K (roughly $650 USD). The increased pricing is beginning to have a major negative effect as well: LG’s supposed pricing structure seems to have a ripple effect as several retailers such as Phone House will not sell the phone due to the high pricing, which potentially means less availability for many Android fans abroad.

There’s no official word yet from LG and/or Google regarding this, but as soon as we grab further details, we’ll be sure to share it with you all.

source: Androidos

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  • http://www.dsaif.tk/ Saif

    Same happened with Galaxy Nexus. I expected this issue to solve with Nexus 4 but it didn’t ..

    Nexus 7 pricing is normal here though

  • http://www.dsaif.tk/ Saif

    LG is risking their marketshare

  • http://twitter.com/Robstunner Robstunner

    That’s why there are places like Negri electronics and expamsys

  • GraveUypo

    suddenly the device loses all appeal to me and i’m once again glad i bought a gs3. well not that i would buy a phone that only has 8 or 16gb of storage in the first place, but i’d sure recommend it for that price tag. not anymore.

  • nexususer

    Bad move, LG. for that prices, I better hold on to galaxy nexus

  • Matthew Kim

    You have heard of tariffs right

  • andy gowrley

    Cpw had mention of a price in the high 300 pounds on display card in a London branch on Saturday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.centeno2 Michael Centeno

    nobody going to buy that shit. for that price it better come with a 3000+mha removable battery and a 64gb sd card in it. LG you got your hopes too high. no one is going to pay that much for 16gb storage and a measly 2100 battery. They must be smoking that good crack.

  • Pricey

    Hope LG prices the phones in India as in the US. If not I would be disappointed having had to wait for a whole month only to find the price out of my reach. Currently no store in Mumbai have LG smartphones because of their history of issues with feature phones here. If LG does not price the phone at Rs 20000 for the 16GB they can forget the Indian market. At the end of the day word-of-mouth sales is what matters. If the Nexus 4 does not come out on the streets no other LG smartphone will.

  • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

    Seems like they are only drawing more attention to the ridiculousness that is the smartphone pricing model. Phones are priced with an 80% or 100% (or even more) markup.

    The carriers of course pay much much less for the phones, then sell them at or near their cost with a largely fake “subsidy” to make people feel like they are getting something for signing a 2 year contract.

    If a phone is sold at the BS “MSRP”, it’s a super high profit transaction for whoever is selling it.

    Notable exception to this is the iPhone where Apple always has reaped the lions share of the profits and the subsidy on an iPhone is actually somewhat related to what the carriers pay for the devices.

    The Nexus 4 selling at a relatively reasonable price (to be sure there’s still plenty of profit to go around) shows just how cheaply a top-level smartphone can be sold for, with the N4 selling at $400 it’s going to be hard to justify a competing smartphone with similar features selling for $600 or more.

    If LG sells the N4 in other markets at BS pricing it will only hasten the collapse of the BS pricing model.

  • puneet0501

    Guys one serious question. I am based in Europe and have a friend right now in US who was supposed to fly back on 21st Novermber and thus me and my gf we both sold our phones as he was gonna bring us two nexus4. While now suddenly his return has been preponed to 17th Novermber. So can he order the phones at midnight of 12th November as soon as it is 13th or will he have to wait till morning and most importantly will he be able to recieve them by 16th latest?? Or will they be available in any stores in US at the same price as google store (I heard about LGs debacle in European pricing). So to sum up if he orders as soon as the order is up or so will he get them by 16 or can he buy them in stores at the same price? Bottomline will he be able to buy these two phones for me and my gf at the said price. Now we are really in soup here as both of us are using stone age old phones and have finances ready precisely enough to pay him back euros equivlant to the cost of two nexus4 at USD prices.. Thanks for every suggestion in advance