The HTC Facebook phone is alive and it’s codenamed the Opera UL

Over the summer we heard rumors that HTC is collaborating with Facebook for a Facebook themed phone. Of course everyone denied it, but it appears it’s definitely in development. It’s codenamed the Opera UL and it popped up in a NenaMark 2 benchmark test.  Pocket-Lint has a source that claims the phone has been delayed, but we’re not sure what that means. Back in the summer when we reported that HTC was working on something, it wasn’t expected to be released till 2013 anyway.

You might remember the HTC Status (or ChaCha) that was HTC’s first attempt at a Facebook phone, but it really wasn’t a collaboration with Facebook. Our understanding is this will be marketed as an official Facebook phone. From the benchmark results the specs include a 1.4GHz processor, a Qualcomm Adreno 305 GPU, and a 1280 x 720 display. As to the processor, we can’t tell if it’s dual or quad-core, but we are guessing it’s a dual-core.

Now you and I have no interest in this phone, but do you think it will sell like hotcakes or just be another dud?

source: pocket-lint

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Jeff Carson

    I hope a dud. P please be a dud!

  • Dacha LiceKnjiga

    Finally a phone that I’m not gonna buy ever.


    AT&T CARRIED A ***FACEBOOK-FONE** LAST year I believen & a HTC too. Does Anyone REMEMBER?!?!?

  • Mike West

    AWESOME! I’m thrilled to buy a phone that specializes in Facebook posts about nothing significant. I’m definitely saving up for this amazing device that will surely put all other phones except the amazing HTC Status to shame. Now THAT was an amazing phone. Loved all the HTC and AT&T apps that filled up the entire phone almost so that I could at least ad one contact to my phone memory. Definitely buying massive stock for Facebook now.