Can’t get Angry Birds Lite on the Market? Download the APK

Angry Birds for Android

Update: Full version of Angry Birds now available! Just go here for the full version.

Update: A lot of you aren’t having a problem grabbing Angry Birds Lite outside of the US. So for those of you who can’t see it on the Market, list your location, phone & OS in the comments

I’ve been noticing a lots of tweets lately on how Angry Birds Lite isn’t appearing on the Market outside of the United States. While I don’t doubt at all that Rovio plans on releasing the full version of the game internationally, the “lite” version is US-limited.

That doesn’t mean you have to go without it though, as we’ve got the actual APK and are offering it up for you guys to download. So read on past the break and get going. Oh, and if you’re using LauncherPro, then download the Angry Birds icons.

So just download the file, unzip it, throw it on your phone and install it :)

Angry Birds

Thanks Josh for the apk!

  • Eric

    I’m in the US and neither of my phones can see it on the market.

  • hallsey


  • Josh Morgan

    I have 2.1 on a Samsung Moment in the US and cannot get it. I downloaded the zip, and the unzipped has no APK. Do I just rename the file, deleting the .zip?

  • Scott Young

    The .zip certainly has an apk file in it.

  • Josh Morgan

    Hmmm. I tried unzipping on my phone, and it gave an error. When I did so on my desktop (Mac), it creates a folder with the following: AndroidManifest.xml, a folder named “assets,” classes.dex, folder “lib,” folder “META-INF,” folder “res,” resources.arsc

  • Tyler Cunningham

    I can confirm this .zip file contains the APK, it’s sitting on my Desktop and I sent it to my phone via Bluetooth.

  • Josh Morgan

    Unzipping it with a different program worked. That was strange. :)

  • Peter

    I’m not in the US and I can see it in the market.

    There really should be a way of seeing apps you can not install from the market and the reason why not. As it is it can be very frustrating to have no clue what is going on.

  • Ryan

    I live in Canada and I got it through the market. N1

  • munch

    I’m in the UK, got HTC desire. Found it easy on the market. Maybe its the yanks that CAN’T get it.

  • Dan

    I don’t know much about the game, but decided to give a try.. Let me guess, this only works for devices beyond 1.6?

  • Muttley

    I have it, downloaded on the market! HTC Desire 2.1 u1 on Tmobile in the UK.

  • chicgeek

    I had no issues immediately downloading it, and I have a sim-free HTC Desire in the UK. On T-Mobile network, but that shouldn’t matter.

    Someone’s sources are wonky.

  • rastaman

    HTC Hero running Eclair. I couldn’t find this on the market. Downloading the APK now.

  • Ratterz

    I am in the UK runing 1.6 on a G1. I can not see it on the market,and after unziping it failes to be read and thus won’t install.
    I geuss it is only Android 2.1 or later?
    Rather than a continental difference….

  • Step

    how bout a version that doesn’t crash? this is the only thing i miss from my iphone, and just look at the list of comments on the market place about it crashing on launch :(

  • Scott Young

    this is a beta version, there are going to be crashes/issues. If you want to be helpful, click on the bug in the program to report problems/crashes

  • JoAnn

    I am unable to find this on the Android Market. I have a Samsung Moment 2.1 and Sprint service. Love this game on my iPod Touch and would love to have it on my phone. thanks

  • isdwmd

    I m in australia I have a Htc hero, I tried searching but cant see it. my friend has a samsung galaxy here but can get it. maybe it has something to do with updating my htc to 2.1??? never had problems before!!!

  • Janson

    I have Samsung Galaxy S and i’m from Finland. Can’t see it on market.

  • Jay Askren

    I’m in the U.S. my rooted HTC Hero(cdma) with Android 2.2 can’t see it in the market.

  • erichv96

    I have a Samsung Vibrant through T-Mobile, I’m in the U.S., and it doens’t show up in the market. Even through the barcode scan…

  • MVDL

    Have the Samsung Captivate in the US and could not find it on the market. Had to download it here. Work great though and looks great.

  • dustin van de weerd

    I live in central wi, united states. Running a Sprint HTC hero on 2.1. I can’t see angry birds on the market, but my wife got it on her Evo. Can’t wait to get this game, it rocks!!!

  • Scott Young

    then download the APK, lol. what are you waiting for?

  • Torben

    In Denmark. No Angry Birds in market. Will give the apk a try instead. Thx for sharing.

  • Matt

    Hey, got an xperia 10 mini in the Uk, on the orange network, can’t see it in the market :'(

  • Muthafukaz

    I got an X10 mini in the Fr, The APK crash after a few second, I can’t play !!

  • Jason

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S running 2.1 on the O2 network in Ireland – not showing Angry Birds in the marketplace.

    My mate in work has a HTC (also on 2.1) and his one does list it – wierd.

  • Robbie

    I have an HTC Aria and I cannot find the game on the market and I get an error when I try to unzip the apk. Did they remove it already? Thanks

  • Dante

    I manually downloaded the APK onto my Samsung Moment (Sprint) and yeah it runs, but the backgrounds are screwed up, and sometimes vertical bars show up as artifacts. Otherwise, seems to work fine, but was obviously designed for a larger screen resolution as sometimes the buttons are on the very edge of the screen or they are laying on top of each other.

  • Max Sayn

    Germany Frankfurt, cannot find it in Market.

  • Carl Gargan

    Located it via AppBrain but when it connects to the android market it states “no matches found”

    i’m in the UK, Liverpool.

  • Nic Too

    I have HTC Wildfire Orange UK, and I cant see it.

  • MonkeyBoy

    Thanks for providing the download. I’m in the US using an HTC Hero on Sprint and didn’t see it in the Market. Running a stock install of 2.1 (no rooting or custom ROMs).

  • Matt D

    In US and have a Droid Incredible.

  • nafey-j-uk

    Am runnin 2.1 Gt-i9000 downloaded apk from media fire and runs like a dream, have not a bad word to say!! bring on the full version!!!

  • Quipeace

    I’m in the Netherlands with an Acer Liquid running CM6 and can’t see the game either :(

  • gazzaman

    Hi i have a Samsung Galaxy S in the UK i dropped the apk on my SD card then downloaded app installer and that let me install angry birds and works great.

  • dh4645

    HTC Aria. USA. Can’t find in Market.

  • dh4645

    got the .apk on my rooted HTC Aria and have 37 MB free on my internal memory and says there is not enough space to install the game. how much do i need? i only have 2.1, so no apps on sd yet. dont want to use roms.

  • dh4645

    apparently i needed over 40 MB for it to actually go through with the install and it only used up like 11 MB.

  • Kim

    I’ve given it a bit but still not showing up in the market for my unrooted HTC Hero running 2.1 on Sprint in the US. Friends with an Evo are seeing it.

  • Mark

    Samsung Moment, 2.1. Have the apk file on my SD card. using app installer and I keep getting an error message that there is not enough room on my phone. file is 11.4M and I have 36M available???

  • Uomiwon

    I live in central florida. I Have an HTC aria (at&t) Android 2.1. I cannot find Angry Birds on market. However, using the same sim card on a Dell Streak, Android 1.6… I was able to download and install angry birds to that phone.

  • Mowo

    I have a wildfire and i cant see it in sweden

  • Madie

    I have a samsung Galaxy i7500, android version 1.5 i think and i cant see it in Australia

  • Madie

    once extracted and put on the phone what do i do? there is no file explorer on my phone that i am aware of, i have a Samsung Galaxy i7500.

  • vay jai

    I download the apk zip file on to my samsung vibrant and unzip it with and install it and it work:-)

  • rohan nagpal

    couldnt find it on the market, htc legend in india on AirTel.
    Downloaded the apk. installed it. the resolution is kind of messed up….

  • G

    I have a Samsung Vibrant here in the US and I cannot locate the app in the market.

  • Taghg819

    I have a T-mobile Vibrant in the US. No angry birds in market, not with barcode & apk fails.

  • Tom Park

    I have finally installed it on my Captivate. I listed the steps but apparently there was somethings the moderators didnt like so it was deleted. Email me at and ill give you the instructions.

  • Firethorn

    GalaxyS Android 2.1 on o2 Germany, couldn’t find it in the market.

    Thanks for the apk! :)

  • SamZzz

    Rovio confirms that it’s for 1.6 and above (Froyo is NOT required).. That being said, it’s not in my market.. T-mobile g1 in the US

  • tim

    Mytouch 3g. In Houston and I don’t see it

  • eXtorian

    UK here. I can’t find it with Samsung Galaxy S, but a friend with the same phone can. Both Android 2.1. Mine is SIM-free (no contract), friend’s is on contract.

  • sMclaws

    I live in the USA, i have the Sanyo Zio running android 1.6, and I can not find it in the market.

  • Diogo Melo

    I am in Brazil, I have a HTC Hero and there are no angry birds in the market over here.

  • Thomas

    I have AT&T samsung captivate 2.1 in us….and I still can’t find it….and the above APK crashes at launch of the game

  • Brandon Camp

    I live in Utah in the USA. I have the HTC EVO on Sprint and can’t find it on the market.

  • Rocky

    Thx I have the samasung galaxy s..i downloaded it and it works fine

  • Tom

    I have the Samsung Captivate(ATT). It works great.

    You wont find the the app on the market for most new droid phones. You have to manually download the APK for Angry Birds and depending if your phone is unrooted or not you either install it using appinstaller or sideload it

  • Dom

    I have a galaxy s in the uk and its not on the market here.

  • Tom


    Email me @ and I will send you the apk file

  • Scott Young

    or just download it from the link above….

  • Equinox

    Angry Birds requires Android 2.2 Froyo to find it in the app store, hence all of the Galaxy S flavors will not see it yet.

  • Kevin

    In the US, I have an HTC Hero 2.1. Couldnt see it on the market, so downloaded and installed and it crashes on the startup splash screen.

  • Daniel

    Samsung Galaxy Portal on 2.1, from the UK on tmobile not on the market. However, my friend has it on her Samsung Galaxy S running 2.1 on tmobile from the UK.

  • shanequa

    Hey I’m in California and can’t see angry birds in the market. I’ll try to get this file when I get home.

  • Noah

    HTC Aria on 2.1, we Aria users will have to wait for it to be on the market because AT&T is blocking all of us from third party apps… Oh and I live in the US

  • tim.

    htc magic in australia cant see it in market

  • Adam

    I can’t find this on the Android market, I live in the U.S. and I have a Samsung Galaxy S 2.1 OS with T-mobile.

  • Joelcrowe

    Charleston, SC and don’t see it I’m the market.

  • Susan

    I’m in Mississippi with an HTC Hero. Can’t see it on the Market. Downloaded the APK and put it on my phone but now it says it can’t parse the language. I guess I’m not meant to have it.

  • Tom

    Angry Birds is NOT in the market for most current phones. Email me and I will help you install it.

  • Jo

    I cant find out how to download Angry Birds to my Xperia 10…..

  • Farrah

    I’m in the US and have a samsung vibrant and I can’t find it on the market

  • cy

    I’ve been looking for angry birds on Samsung Galaxy S forever! Thank you, this apk works brilliantly!

    Cy, Scotland

  • michael

    Using xperia x10 with android 1.6 in Australia cant see it in market

  • Jason

    Living in London, using a Samsung Galaxy S, desperate for Angry Birds – please help!

  • Jason

    sorted! thanks very much

  • John

    I can find it in the market fine and it will download, but it fails to install every time. I tried the APK posted here, and it too fails to install. I’m on the Droid X in the US on Verizon.

  • Amy

    Can’t see it in the market on Samsung Vibrant (galaxy S phone) running 2.1 . Side loading works fine.

  • Dalien

    I have a samsung galaxy s and still can’t see the angry birds beta. T-mobile, uk.

  • Mario

    HTC Hero GSM running stock Eclair in Mexico (phone is originally Spanish). Can’t see it.

  • Mario

    …should probably have been more specific. Originally phone was Orange Spain, unlocked it via IMEI and am now using a mexican SIM card so I assume I am in the Mexico market.

  • FatherStorm link to qr code for direct download of .apk

  • Ricky Mason

    You can get it at direct from your android browser, works great on my orange uk wildfire

  • Hero User

    For all HTC Hero users, you can download directly from the manufacturers mobile site using your phones browser. worked for me. HTC Hero 2.1 Sprint. Enjoy!

  • McLovin823

    Unable to see it on the Market in the Southwestern US with Droid Eris 2.1 stock.

    Also, downloaded the APK from the link above, unzipped it, tried to install it, and was told there was not enough space. I deleted a Yahoo! Fantasy Football App, and a couple others totaling almost 20MB of space, still unable to install a file that’s 12.23MB in size…

    Am I doing something wrong here?

  • Yury

    Cannot get Angry Birds in the Market. Does not show up.
    In the US, Los Angeles. FRG 2.2 on Nexus One.

  • dave

    Got it for my HTC Desire, but cant see it with my girlfriends HTC Legend… what up with that.

    I´m from Denmark and have the full version.

  • Tarzan55

    For all people having trouble installing it on samsung galaxy s, I would recommend using astro file manager. just download the zip from this page, extract it and instal it with built in like a charm!

  • matthew

    I have samsung behold 2 running 1.6 and doesnt show on market. Downloaded apk and just gte black screen… central u.s. here!!!

  • BikerDude

    Samsung SPICA, running 2.1 with Rogers in Ontario Canada… NOT IN MARKET. Thanks for the apk :-)

  • BikerDude

    for the file extraction issue… EASY… get your self a free DROPBOX account. Extract file on your computer and drop it in your folder… then just open from your android app :-)

  • ajatt

    you need to install the apk file through adb from the computer I was getting the not enough space error as well run it through usb adb.exe e.g. adb install C:/AndroidApps/angry_birds_1.1.apk)

  • iflyfar

    Not available on htc aria (seattle).

  • anomynous

    i is got the htc wildfire and i really want the angry birds app but cant get it

  • Kelly R

    Ok,i got the apk on my phone (samsung captivate 2.1) but of course it doesn’t let you install something not taken from the market. How do you get around this?

  • McLovin823

    Download Android AppBrain and Fast Web Installer from the Market. Run the fast web installer, and click allow when prompted. Ensure that you have an account with AppBrain on the internet, and your phone is able to sync up with it. From there, you are able to go onto the AppBrain website, and directly install Angry Birds to your handset, circumventing the Market altogether. Didn’t work all that well on my Eris, but it’s playable, with some buggy graphics. Good luck!

  • Rocky

    Hey , i just downloaded this app on my new dell streak and when click on the app the only thing i can hear is the music , cannot play the game , is this an issue with android 1.6 or dell streak ???

  • MannyVel

    I have a stock Dell Streak too, v1.6, and I only hear music with no video also with the full version of Angry Birds. Anyone knows what the deal is? It’s a VERY cool game :-)

    Manny (57 years old) :-D

  • John


    I have an HTC Hero, Android 2.1 and I’m in the UK. I can’t see Angry Birds in the Market, just a bunch of other downloads with names like “Angry Birds Theme” or “Angry Birds Icons” etc.

    I tried the .apk (which seems to be HUGE! I may have to install Apps2SD), but all I can see is the beta warning.


  • John

    Scratch my last comment, I’ve figured it out. It looks like there’s some screen cropping issues on the menu screen though.

  • Bridgitte

    I am unable to find it on my HTC Hero. I am in Dallas, TX. My husbands Moment has it but alas, I can not play :-(

  • Simon Belmont

    I have a Sprint HTC Hero and Angry Birds does not show up in the Android Market for me. I am a bit dismayed by this.

    I suppose I will have to search out the .apk file and install it manually. Oh well.

  • Lynn

    Singapore, Htc Magic & Android 1.5.
    I can’t find the app in Market and I want it badly! :-)

  • Ben

    Angry Birds is now in the marketplace. Downloading now!

  • John

    @Ben: Let us know if you can get it working smoothly – I have a Hero and it’s incredibly jerky. Pretty unplayable on all but the simplest of levels.

  • Ben

    @John: So far so good. I have played for about 3 or 4 hours and it did lock up on me once during an incoming phone call, but other than that, it has been flawless. HTC Aria.

  • John

    @Ben, hmmm ok that’s a little faster than my Hero. Maybe the “light” version that’s coming out will be ok

  • David

    i have a htc hero for cox communications and i live in nebraska and i can dind ulock alll levels and stuff but not the game itself

  • David

    i live in bellevue nebraska and i can see the unlock all levels and all of the clock and specials but not the game itself

  • Lisa

    I can see both angry birds and angry birds lite on the market but neither get installed on my HTC desire. I just upgraded to Android 2.29 here in Sweden. My husband had no problem with the same phone.

  • Ben

    i have the samsung moment the only angry birds i see in the market is the holiday one and thats it. what do i do?

  • Brian

    Not showing up on the market. Appbrain finds it but when I click the link it says cannot find on market. When I tried to click your download link for the zip file it says “download does not exist”. Motorola backflip 1.5 firmware. I’m in the US, any help?

  • Taha

    Not showing in the market even though the full version and Seasons ones are. Canada, U8100 running Vodafone 845 Mr. Edition 2.0.1.

  • Rodrigo

    “Download does not exist”

  • Jairo

    It says “Download does not exist”… =s

  • Matilda

    It says Download does not exist, and does this work on my HTC smart?

  • Compizfox

    Netherlands, HTC Wildfire, Android 2.2.1. Not appearing in Market on the phone.

  • simon

    I managed to find the lite version of angry birds available on another site but it wont install on my motorola backflip running android 1.5. Im guessing it wasn’t designed for 1.5. Dissapointing

  • vahi

    Hi i have samsung galaxy fit s5670 mobile am unable to install angry birds game in my mobile.i have downloaded file how to install that in mobile.its not supporting.could you please help out me.

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  • mattscradle

    is this also available for samsung galaxy y coz I’m looking for samsung galaxy y version.

  • Missymoo 99

    is this available for LG Cookie KP500? and how do you get them on to your phone? how do you pay for them if they arent free? many thanks.

  • Wolfbane_16

    is this compatible with nokia c2-03??

  • jacky

    I’v downloaded,thanks!

  • Barrie Thomas

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