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CyanogenMod Working On OTA Update Solution, Plans On Dropping ROM Manager In The Process


CyanogenMod is about to become a little bit better for all by bringing its own OTA update system to the masses. Many of you are scratching your heads and wondering what this means, right? Well if you’re a CM ROM user, you’re well-aware that in order to grab an update, you would traditionally use ROM Manager which allows users to quickly and efficiently pull updates manually to their ROMs. The only catch with ROM Manager is that it’s not open-source, unlike the CM ROM itself. So the CM team decided enough is enough and developed its own open-source updating method within its own builds.

The newly developed OTA update solution works in a simple way too. While it won’t include push notifications (that feature requires Google Apps framework), the updater will automatically check for updates at user-defined intervals and pull the update once something is available, pulling its info from The awesome thing is the updater will allow users to pull updates whether they’re the official, alpha or nightlies builds.

At this stage, we only know it’s currently being worked on and will be on its way soon— though when soon exactly is is anyone’s guess.

source: Android Police

  • Justin A