Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumored To Be Revealed At MWC 2013, Will Bring LTE And A 5-Inch Display


In the midst of the whole Samsung Galaxy S III mayhem and pandemonium, it’s never to early to think about the next follow-up of the Galaxy S series, right? Well, a few individuals connected to the Korean giant seem to think so. According to the Korea Times, the Galaxy S IV smartphone will be revealed at Mobile World Congress for 2013 and be on sale in stores by March. The Korea Times also highlights the device will grow in size, as an OLED display will come in at 5-inches and feature LTE. The end goal of this new smartphone will be to send a “clear message” to Apple, while ushering in a new era of smartphones.

Naturally, we’ll take this one with a grain of salt— but then again, it’s never to early to get in on the hype of Sammy’s next big thing.

source: Korea Times

  • yarrellray

    This isn’t surprising at all. With the current Galaxy S3 and upcoming Galaxy Note 2 Samsung has ” CRUSHED THE COMPETITION”. The Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t be different trust that. Manufacturers are playing major catch up now to the Galaxy S3 . Glad I purchase Samsung..

  • pleasegetreal

    I can’t wait until phones come with 7″ screens. They will be THE BEST. Until the 7.5″ screens come.

    • Steven Joseph Horton

      You’re joking, I know it, but my Nexus 7 fits into my pocket really well. I wouldn’t mind a 6 screen on a really really thin phone… Just not a thick phone like the Droid 4.

  • Bill

    I want one, I have preorded the quad core Sammy S3 LTE Jellybean, I don’t know if I should wait now.

  • yarrellray

    I currently own the Samsung Galaxy S3 it’s a wonderful device. Will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 come November 1st with tmobile. So I will be looking forward to the NEXT GALAXY NOTE 3 in Oct/Nov 2013 and will pass on the GALAXY S4 in 2013. Nobody beats Samsung that’s for sure….