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ViewSonic Introduces The Android-Powered VSD220 “Smart Display” Monitor


So you own a brand spanking new Mac… errr— Windows or Linux desktop PC and you need to compliment the new toy with a shiny new monitor? Just like we told you about sometime in May, respected manufacturer ViewSonic has just the monitor for you. Known as the VSD220 “Smart Display”, this monitor has a whopping 22-inch screen and a 1080p resolution as the first obvious features that pop out when looking at the monitor. While those features are nice and all, the real kicker is the VSD220 monitor is more of a “smart monitor” and actually operates through Android 4.0. Yes, you read that right— the ViewSonic VSD220 is an Android-based monitor. Among the additional features are  TI-OMAP4 dual-core processor, 8GB of storage and a 1.2MP built-in web camera.

A device of this type surely must cost a king’s ransom, right? Well it’s not as much as you’d think since the device is now listed on ViewSonic’s website for $543, though ViewSonic has already pledged the monitor will be much lower in price (around $400) once it’s released sometime next month.

source: ViewSonic
via: Phandroid