LG says 13MP Optimus G camera will offer ‘world’s best image quality’

Smartphone cameras are evolving just as fast as any other part of a device’s hardware, and LG has taken to YouTube to show off its latest feat. The Korean manufacturer uploaded a video yesterday, detailing the impressive optics behind its latest flagship handset.

LG is touting the “world’s best image quality” for its Optimus G smartphone, thanks to an “array of state-of-the-art technologies”. The company claims the optics utilize the world’s smallest pixel size, along with a Blue Glass filter to provide clearer images with less noise. Hyeong-cheol Moon, LG’s Director of Optical Solutions, also explains how the design team managed to fit such a large sensor into an 8.45mm shell.  To see the science behind the technological wizardry, check out the official video after the break.

  • MA

    I will be pissed if the US gets an 8 Megapixel camera in their phones.

    • RTWright

      Don’t get sucked into the Megapixel count. They could make it 50MP and it wouldn’t get much better than they are now. Go and read up on Megapixels and Censor Sizes. This is a argument even had by such companies as Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc….

      There are amazing images shot around the world on 8 to 10MP cameras, DSLR cameras, not cell phones. Which will never compete with that anyway due to the lens options. But the Censors are so small, you can only go up in MP so far till at a point there will be no noticeable difference that the human I can detect.

      Now they COULD do with a lot better image processing and better lens ( Like the one they’re showing here ) design. That’s the real deal right there, making a better lens and giving more image processing power. They could also work on making the light reading better so that low light situations can be handled better.

      To me anything past 10 maybe 12 MP is just pointless. Granted 8 does just fine, but the MP count definitely is nothing more than a marketing ploy to say ours is better than theirs. When in fact that’s just not the case. I’m a photographer by profession and while it sounds nice and all to brag that you have this high MP count, what really matters most is the Processing capabilities and the number one that matters most? The User!

  • MH

    Well… I bet that Nokia 808 and Lumia 920 cameras are better than this.

  • Mei

    Well, even if you make best camera, no one will want to buy your phones if it looks bad. Stop making rectangle/square phones LG! You guys need to hire some new designers.

    • RTWright

      Wait, what? You can’t honestly sit here and be serious about that comment? Really? What the hell do you want them to do, come out with ROUND phones? Oh I get it, how about a Hexagon shape? Triangle even? You need a reality check here, there is no real other shape you can make a phone and it be viable to carry around or comfortable to hold in your hand with any ease. I do hope you’re not serious…..