Judge Koh sets December 6th date for hearing on Apple’s injunction on 8 US Samsung devices

Judge Lucy Koh has set the date for the Samsung vs. Apple hearing in which Apple wants 8 Samsung smartphones to be banned in the US. On December 6th both Samsung and Apple will be at it again in court, and as usual, Samsung will be defending itself as Apple seeks to block sales of several of the Korean maker’s top selling US handsets. Samsung will also be busy on September 20th as they’re working on lifting the ban that’s currently on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Considering the jurors found that the Tab 10.1 was not infringing upon Apple’s patents, I would imagine that the ban should be lifted. Then again, I’m no lawyer so we’ll see how that turns out.

This has been such a long and tiring road. I can only imagine the stress this has put on Samsung. I’m sure we’ll all be tuning into our Twitter feeds come December 6th.

source: MSNBC