Details emerge in Motorola’s new patent lawsuit against Apple

Last Friday Google’s Motorola Mobility unit filed a new lawsuit against Apple alleging a variety of patent infringements. Filed with the U.S. International  Trade Commission (ITC), Motorola is seeking a ban on imports of most of Apple’s product portfolio. Any device that “utilize(s) wireless communication technologies to manage various messages and content” is covered by the lawsuit. This covers not just mobile devices like iPads and iPhones, but computer devices like the iMac or MacBook Pro as well.

The ITC made the full complaint available on-line so we are now able to review which seven patents Motorola is claiming Apple has infringed upon:

  1. The 580 patent (5,883,580) which relates to “selective call messaging devices that process messages logically for a user in the context of space and time.” It appears Motorola is claiming the iPhone 4 and 4S infringe upon this patent due to the location reminders function.
  2. The 047 patent (5,922,047) which describes a “control apparatus…for control over a plurality of media applications including telephony, video conferencing, analog video, digital video, and AC power line signaling.” Motorola is claiming every iPad and iPhone device infringes on this patent.
  3. The 002 patent (6,425,002) involves “message manager programs for accepting and dispatching messages, one or more application programs for handling and presenting messages; and one or more message client programs that receive messages from the message manager program and provides them to the application program. The message manager program accepts a registration from each message client program and sets rules, and message attributes to which the rules are to be applied for new messages.”
  4. The 370 patent (6,983,370) covers systems that enable continuity between messaging clients on multiple devices, which would seem to cover any application that keeps messages synced between devices. All Apple devices except the iPod line and Apple TV are allegedly violating this patent.
  5. The 673 patent (6,493,673) describes a method of providing interaction with a communications device using audible user input, which is converted into a text string. The patent also seems to describe a “prompt” (think “what can I help you with?”) that is delivered to the user audibly. It would appear this patent targets Siri.
  6. The 064 patent (7,007,064) describes wireless communication systems and how content is obtained and managed by wireless devices.
  7. The 983 patent (7,383,983) covers management of content between devices in different “domains.” It generally describes a system and method to play content on one device, pause or stop it, and then resume playback of the content on another device.

The ITC is scheduled to issue a ruling in an earlier patent case between Motorola and Apple on Friday, August 24th. In that case, Motorola had also asked for an import ban on some Apple products.

source: TechCrunch

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    Does the 002 patent sound like every event-driven/callback-registering software approach out there to anyone else?