Sony Announces New Exmor RS Camera Sensors


Sony is known for having a heavy influence on the camera sensors found on your smartphones and tablets, but it looks like Sony will be trying to make future sensors just a little bit better. Sony announced the new Exmor RS sensor which has several components featured: two eight-megapixel sensors (one with new camera signal processing tech) and a top-drawer 13-megapixel module. Naturally if you have three topnotch sensors, they’ll need to be complimented by new lenses and the Exmor RS delivers by featuring an f/2.2 lenses alongside a refreshed auto-focus module. Oh and they will all be capable of full HDR (HD recording).

Well friends— looks like your next camera on that shiny new premium smartphone or tablet certainly will be a doozy. Expect to see the first batch of Sony’s latest fruition to surface sometime early in the next year.

source: Engadget

  • Mei

    Yes, push it out on smartphones ASAP.