Google Play Store gift cards and wishlists coming soon, Download the latest 3.8.15 update

Google just updated the Play Store to version 3.8.15, which you can download below. What’s most interesting about this update is the fact that gift cards and wishlists are finally on the way. They aren’t live yet, but the folks over at Android Police were able to find references of them in the code. This is something Google desperately needs. We kind of knew this would happen sooner rather than later when Google offered $25 gift balances to those that purchase a Nexus 7.

As far as wishlists, I had no idea it was coming. Sites like Amazon utilize wishlists, but I have to honestly say I’ve never used one. I guess it’s a way for you to add items that you want to eventually buy, but don’t have the money now. It could also be used for sharing so your friends can see what you covet and maybe they will send you a gift card. Either way, this is exciting news and will only strengthen the Play Store.

One other change seems to be a new icon pictured below. It’s obvious Google is promoting everyone to buy, and as they get more media content, this is likely to happen.

Download Play Store 3.8.15 APK

source: androidpolice
via: phandroid


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  • Nudo

    Nice! I bet people can purchase those wish list items for you since it’s all cloud.