Apple must publicly admit that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad both on their website and in print.

Apple haters get ready to scream, “In your face!” Remember when we reported last week that a U.K. judge ruled that Samsung didn’t copy Apple’s iPad design? Well you’re going to love this. Apparently Judge Colin Birss said that Apple must publish a notice saying that Samsung didn’t copy their registered designs, and this must be done on Apple’s U.K. website for six months and published in several newspapers and magazines. The reason is to obviously correct any damaging impression that consumers might have that Samsung simply copied Apple.

I think this is awesome news. In a sense Apple will be “advertising” Samsung’s tablets with these announcements. All I can say is, “What goes around comes around baby.”

source: bloomberg




  • franjados

    Love it Love it Love it..

  • Saif

    hahaha! Apple’s actions are making them look like fools

  • d


  • RTWright

    I got the biggest smile on my face when I seen the title for this article, then when I read it? It got even bigger! Apple deserves every bit of this and I hope this continues to be the case for quite some time to come. Now if you could just get the rest of the courts do see this and act accordingly things would hopefully get back to being competitive as apposed to lets see who can litigate the best….

    I definitely give a +1 to Judge Colin Birss, this is a step in the right direction considering all of the trouble Apple has caused lately. I wonder when Mother Nature is going to sue Apple for the use of one of her fruits? I bet she could get several cases going at once! ;)

  • Simon Morton

    Jeez, shame you guys don’t have anything more important to worry about.

    • Jack Holt

      This is big news in the Android world. Apple has been using a broken patent system to bully other companies who are competing for market share. Samsung makes something great, Apple slaps an injunction on it. Motorola uses some sort of software, apple slaps an injunction on it, that’s not good business anyway you look at it. But to say that this is not important to worry about is wrong.

      • Simon Morton

        I agree this patents war is ridiculous but read the comments above. For most people, this is just a way for the android fanboys to make childish quips.

        • Jack Holt

          True but should apple have won the injunction other Apple fanboys would be doing the same thing. :)

  • Jack Holt

    Stick that in your juice box and suck it Apple!

  • David Frank

    where is the source for this article?

    • RobertNazarian

      It’s at the bottom of the article and it’s Bloomberg

  • nutznutz

    Apple you freaking losers hahahaha lol!!

  • Dennis Santos