Be the first to unlock the bootloader on the Verizon Galaxy S III and collect the bounty

Well the Galaxy S III might be created for humans, but not for the development community. Well, at least for the Verizon version that is as its bootloader is locked by design. Now it was rooted over the weekend, but we need a method to permanently unlock the bootloader to allow unrestricted flashing from ODIN. Well our friends over at XDA created a bounty for anyone who can do it. Right now the total is at $1,320 and is sure to climb. Hit the break for the rules:

Requirements to Receive Bootloader Unlock Bounty

  1. Be first person on XDA to create a method of permanently unlocking or patching the bootloader to allow unrestricted flashing from ODIN
  2. Make a post in this thread with the following:
    • Proving it works with appropriate photos or screenshots
    • Providing full step-by-step instructions for which anyone else can follow
  3. Wait for another member to follow the method and confirm it works
  4. Claim your bounty via PM from donator(s)

Payment will be processed between each member and the bounty collector via PM on an individual basis.

**Please be advised that if Samsung or Verizon is to release the unlocked bootloader or tool to process unlocking of the bootloader prior to any member of XDA’s submission, this bounty automatically becomes invalidated.

If you think you have what it takes or maybe you want to donate to the cause, hit the source link below to get started.

source: xda

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

Robert lives in upstate New York where he was born and raised. Technology was always his passion. His first computer was a Radio Shack TRS80 Color that used a cassette tape to save programs, and his first laptop was a Toshiba T1200FB that sported a CGA greyscale screen and two 720kb floppy drives (no hardrive). From the early 90’s through late 2011, he only owned Motorola phones starting with the MircroTAC all the way through to the Droid X. He broke that streak when he bought the Galaxy Nexus. Now he's sporting a Galaxy Note 4, and absolutely loves it. He has a wonderful wife and a 6 year old son. In his free time he enjoys sports, movies, TV, working out, and trying to keep up with the rapid fast world of technology.

  • gojimi

    I remember when hackers/developers used to do things just to prove it could be done…… these kinds of bounties etc just muddy the waters with profit seeking douchebagery.