Samsung wins U.K. ruling over Apple; tablets not as simplistic

Samsung won a ruling in a U.K. courtroom today in one of its many cases against Apple. Judge Colin Birss ruled in London that consumers are not likely to mix up Galaxy tablets with the iPad. In the ruling, Birss indicates the Samsung products “do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity” of the Apple products. According to Birss, the Samsung tablets were thinner and possessed “unusual details” on the back. Apparently these qualities make the Apple products more “cool” according to the judge.

Samsung released a statement indicating their belief that the ruling affirms their position that Apple’s claims “on such generic designs” could harm innovation and limit consumer choice. For their part, Apple released a statement similar to many past statements indicating “this kind of blatant copying is wrong.”

While some are fretting about the judge’s comments regarding how “cool” the Apple products are, the ruling is a welcome change of pace for Samsung who saw sales of their Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in the U.S. last week as a result of one of the many Samsung v Apple cases.

source: Bloomberg

  • Nudo

    lol! I love how Apple doesn’t care about the blatant copying that they do themselves.

  • raycee63

    Another loss for Apple! All comments keep saying that Samsung just copies Apples phones and tablets, wonder what they will say about Apple’s next iPhone, rumored to have a slightly larger screen – COPY! Unlike Apple samsung have always made a wide range of screen size options for individual choice for its phones and tablets, unlike Apple who decides arbitrarily what size screen and features you get. Hope Samsung sues Apple when they launch a smaller size tablet and the rumored larger size iPhone screen. The latest S3 Galaxy shows that Samsung are not “just copies” of Apple ideas, but many new features that no other phones have. I note that latest market share figures show Android totally dominating Apple in the phone market and Apples share of tablet market has dropped from around 90% to 52%. Sort of makes a rubbish of comments from Apple fanboys 12 months ago that by this time, that Android would have faded away to a distant 3rd place in the market. I can see who is fading away, and it is not Android, with Nokia/Windows starting to gain traction in the market and Microsoft launching into the tablet market also, should see Apple losing share in the tablet market also. Long live competition!!