Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Grows To 7.1 Percent Of All Android Devices

The last time we looked at the Android version number distributions, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich had a 4.9% piece of the total Android pie. Google just released the latest numbers for the two weeks leading up to June 1st, and now we see ICS has grown 2.2% to a total of 7.1%.

Though the growth is admirable, keep in mind that the ICS SDK was released 8 months ago in October. To only be on 7.1% of all Android devices out there doesn’t say much for the time it’s taking manufacturers and carriers to upgrade existing devices.

Other notable changes:

  • Honeycomb is down 0.6% for a total of 2.7%
  • Gingerbread is up 0.6% to a total of 65%
  • Froyo is down 1.8% to a total of 19.1%
  • Eclair is down 0.3% to a total of 5.2%

The trends are mostly moving in the right directions, with Gingerbread’s growth slowing down slightly and ICS’s rate increasing just a bit. Maybe now that the HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE are making it to stores, and the Samsung Galaxy S III is on the way soon, the next platform numbers may show a larger bump for ICS.

source: android developers

About the Author: Ed Caggiani

Originally from the East Coast, Ed now makes his home in San Jose, California. His passion for technology started with his first ColecoVision and Atari gaming systems, and has grown stronger through Tandy computers, IBM clones, Palm Pilots, and PocketPCs. Ed's love for Android began with his first HTC Hero, then blossomed with the original Evo 4G, and now the Evo 3D and Motorola Xoom. He graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Communications, and is now a professional User Experience Designer working in Silicon Valley. In his spare time, Ed enjoys video games, jamming on guitar, and spending time with his wife, two cats, and Logitech Revue.

  • Guest

    Wow!  A whopping 7%!   And only since Google released it to anyone/everyone… back in October of 2011.

    • Mariola

      That is incorrect. Asia gets its ICS this month, since the carriers adding their firmware. It’s not available to every one yet. Still better than ios tho. Took almost two years to update from 4 to 5. And still you can’t customize anything but wallpaper and ringtone :-) Not to mention can’t turn any feature on/off with one toggle click, without going into settings every single time. Yeah, I see your point.

      • SebaKL

        Well, few years on the market and you still can’t do anything with phone without cable and iTunes. Unlike Kies Air or AirDroid, which allow access phone and its content from any device, any OS, and tablets, without cable, instal programs and cables.