Android 2.0 Donut Showcased At Google I/O

During today’s Google I/O keynote the Donut branch of the Android platform (to eventually be known as Android 2.0), had it’s various features demoed to the waiting audience.

android donut 1

Amongst the new features included in Android 2.0 is a universal search feature known simply as ‘Android Search. The new search feature will allow users to search both online and locally on the handset through contacts, calendars, music, and some applications.

The Donut update will also include a text-to-search API that will allow Android developers to integrate Google Voice Search into their applications.

During the Google I/O event there was also a brief demonstration of an upcoming handwriting gesture feature that can be used for quick searching across the handset. For example writing the letter ‘c’ on the screen will pull up that specific contact list or song tracks beginning with that letter.

android donut 2

Overall the Android 2.0 Donut UI doesn’t appear to be much different from the initial 1.0 release, but from what we’ve been seeing lately HTC have that area covered with their custom Android UI’s.