ASUS teaser video for their “next transformations”

Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company, ASUS, has just released a short teaser video suggesting their new offerings that will be announced at Computex 2012 on May 31. The video doesn’t divulge any serious details, unless you consider various versions of Altostratus and Cumulonimbus clouds a spoiler. Along with the atmospheric scenery comes statements such as “the shape of the cloud is ever-changing, beyond time and boundaries”. Good stuff, huh?

Most of us are expecting some awesome tablets to be announced continuing the ASUS Transformer saga. Perhaps we might see the rumored Nexus Prime tablet as well. Whatever ASUS has up it’s sleeve, we’re soon to find out this coming Thursday at Computex 2012. Check out the video below for clues to their next transformations.

source: phonedog