Rumor Suggests Microsoft Office Heading to Android in November

These days Android tablets are becoming more and more a suitable outright replacement for laptops. Coupled with a keyboard dock, an Android tablet can pretty much do anything you could do on a laptop although some would say the available software can be limiting. According to BGR, Microsoft plans to change that belief by releasing its full suite of Office applications for Android tablets. The rumor suggests that Microsoft is targeting a November release not only for Android, but iOS products as well. It is believed that since iOS products go beyond just the iPad, Microsoft’s upcoming mobile Office suite could possible work on smartphones as well. This could mean availability for Android smartphones, too, but that is just a hunch at this point.

Now I realize that there are plenty of other options out there that basically reproduce everything that Office can do, it just sure would be nice to have everything packaged neatly into one solitary app. What do you guys think, is this something you would be interested in for your Android device?

source: BGR


  • Justin A

    to have them truly replace a PC or Mac in a business environment you have to have full MS office functions. QuickOffice and others are nice, but don’t quite do everything that a full-feature Office would do.

  • समीर शाह


  • RTWright

    To me this is a major step forward for Android, you know you’re doing good when you have Microsoft moving software to your platform.  I can’t wait till they make Android a Desktop OS as well, then Apple and Microsoft will have to step up their game even further.  To keep ahead of Android.  I mean this is exciting to me! :D

  • Piyushr21

    i dont think it will be ported to android becoz microsoft didnt ported its great game kinectimals to android from ios and also its xbox live app to android, microsoft thinks android is more of threat than apple . so i dont have high hopes.

  • myob course online

    That is very great news for me as well, That android produced a huge platform through the installing of Microsoft software. I am eagerly waiting for that how it will work to the Android Tablet?

  • Martyn Lesbirel

    Given that OneNote appears to be broken under Jellybean on my Nexus Galaxy and 7 I’m not holding my breath on this one.