Samsung Galaxy S III Official Accessories Revealed

Samsung has just released press photos of their official Samsung Galaxy S III accessories. Included are the C-Pen, Wi-Fi Display Hub, Flip Cover, and battery charger and stand.

Hit the break for details and high res press photos.

Probably the coolest accessory is the Flip Cover. This case is unique in that it replaces your S III’s back cover and contains a flap that closes to protect the phone’s screen. This helps keep the case from adding too much bulk to the phone while still protecting it, which is a nice touch.

The C-Pen is a capacitive stylus that is visibly chunkier than the Galaxy Note’s S-Pen. Of course, the C-Pen does not live inside the phone’s housing, so it can be better contoured for holding solidly in your hand.

The stand and battery charger will hold the phone upright and has a battery charging slot in the back to charge any extra batteries you want to keep on the ready. Unfortunately, it doesn’t charge the battery in the phone itself while sitting in the stand.

The Wi-Fi Display Hub allows you to project the phone’s screen out through a full-sized HDMI port. This is useful for watching photos and video from the phone on a big screen (one that doesn’t use a PenTile display… I kid, I kid!).

No news on the release dates for these accessories, but we’d expect it would be right around the release of the S III in Europe. Check out additional photos in the gallery below.


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    No car dock?

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    No induction charger?