Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread Show Gains in Latest Android Version Numbers

Google released the latest Android version numbers showing the distribution of all Android versions, collected from all the devices that access the Google Play Store during the last two weeks of the month. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich saw steady gains, as did Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

  • Sales of new devices with Android 4.0 contributed to a 2% increase for ICS to a total of 4.9% as compared to last month. Updates to existing phones and tablets running Gingerbread and Honeycomb have also helped keep the rise of ICS steady.
  • Speaking of Honeycomb, its numbers remained flat at 3.3%, which is no surprise since Honeycomb tablet sales have been fairly slow, as have the rollouts of updates to existing Honeycomb tablets to Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • The largest piece of the pie got a tad larger with Gingerbread devices rising  0.7% to 64.4%. Yep, most phones out there are still being sold with Android 2.3 on them, though that will slowly change as newer ICS-based devices begin to hit the market.
  • Froyo and Eclair predictably continue their decline to 20.9% and 5.5% respectively.

Expect these trends to continue as new devices are released and older ones get updates. Now just when will Jellybean start showing up?

source: android developers

About the Author: Ed Caggiani

Originally from the East Coast, Ed now makes his home in San Jose, California. His passion for technology started with his first ColecoVision and Atari gaming systems, and has grown stronger through Tandy computers, IBM clones, Palm Pilots, and PocketPCs. Ed's love for Android began with his first HTC Hero, then blossomed with the original Evo 4G, and now the Evo 3D and Motorola Xoom. He graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Communications, and is now a professional User Experience Designer working in Silicon Valley. In his spare time, Ed enjoys video games, jamming on guitar, and spending time with his wife, two cats, and Logitech Revue.

  • Mary Sturdevant

    I am very disjointed by this graph. There is still a very little percentage that has the ICS software.  It seems that it is a pattern for Verizon to keep changing their minds.  First it was the Thunder, then it was the Revolution, cant remember if they had issues
     with the Razr, but now they are changing their minds again on the ICS which is something that we were promised 2 months ago. You would think that the largest cellphone service provider would have their s**t together and be able to stand by what they tell their consumers, but I guess not,  The only reason that I have stayed with them for so long is because of the discount that I get. Otherwise I would be gone.

  • millgate

    Is it no wonder that I’m getting more disgruntled by the month ?

    I have a Dell Streak 5 that has NEVER missed a beat and I genuinely like the Android OS.

    But a stone dead piece of kit and an OS variant up a dead end alley at version  2.2.2 does not make for a happy bunny.

    Shame on both Android and Dell  – Oh! …and on my wretched 2 year contract with Orange – where I have 8 months still to run.

    Next time round it’s probably a SIM free deal and 7″ tablet for me  … or an ASUS Padfone even … and bye bye to everything I’ve learned about smartphone financing!

    Or maybe a BB10 …  ‘cos finally they are sounding as they’ve got it very right.