Leaked Documents Show T-Mobile Prism Launching on May 6th

The Huawei turned T-Mobile Prism that we told you about in the beginning of March is gearing up to be launched May 6th. As we told you before when the device saw FCC approval, the specs for the device aren’t too exciting but it should make for a good entry level device. No it doesn’t come with Ice Cream Sandwich and don’t be surprised if doesn’t see anything other than Gingerbread. It will have a 3.5″ HVGA display though and sport a 600MHz processor. Also, while it was speculated that this would be a decent mid-range device with the possibility of hitting speeds of 42Mbps it appears that it’s slated for the 7.2Mbps range. With that being said, this would make a perfect starting phone for a family member just needing an introductory smart phone to tinker around on. Hit the break below to check out some more of the leaked information if you’re interested. Enjoy!

source: TmoNews

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