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AnTuTu Benchmark Shows Exynos-Powered Samsung Galaxy S III Is Top Dog Over Competition

As we get closer to Samsung’s big event next week, we will start to hear the beat of the leaks grow louder and louder. Case in point: AnTuTu casually lists a “Samsung Galaxy S III” in its benchmark software. The significance of this is that if this benchmark result is true, the Galaxy S III listed here crushes most of the competition and even beats out the ASUS Transformer Prime tablet in terms of overall performance. That’s not all either, there seem to be specific details of the device listed as well. For starters, this “Galaxy S III” model features a Exynos 4212 1.4GHz processor which is believed to be a dual-core variant (no quad-core?), 1GB of RAM, a 4.7″ HD display with a 1280×720 resolution, 2MP front camera, 12MP rear camera and Android 4.0. For the most part, the details for the device in this benchmark seems to match up with specs we’d previously heard before. Additionally, the device operates under a GSM/WCDMA band. That’s nice and all, but many of you are on CDMA or 4G LTE bands. Let’s just hope Samsung either releases a CDMA and LTE version of the smartphone at the same time as the GSM version or at the very least— not wait too long to release the additional models.

Yup, Samsung just continues to give us additional reasons to salivate, doesn’t it? Just one more week folks. Just one more week…

source: Droid Life

  • Blett70

    O yeah I have goosebumps after reading this. I can not wait till next week and I was also wondering what band they would be on in the state my bet is AT&T

    • JokieC1993

      Its going to primarily be available n advertised as a sprint phone

  • Rohan Juneja

    fake. Samsung has announced it WILL be quad-core, so unless it’s 4212 quad core this is unlikely. 4412 is much more likely

  • Motorola Atrix forum

    This makes no sense… The 4212 is dual core; the 4412 is the quad-core version. And I don’t see any way that a 1.4GHz dual core Cortex A9 is overpowering a 1.5GHz quad core cortex A9.