Google Reveals “Project Glass”: Google-Powered Glasses Showcasing Navigation, Camera And Music

Ok everyone it’s official: the future is now. I don’t mean this year— I literally mean now thanks to the Mountain View giant. We had previously heard about Google pondering development of a mysterious HUD device and eventually knew it was clearly intent on making the concept a reality for users, but like anything else with Google— has since been tight-lipped. Google has just unleashed what looks to be the most innovative product yet called “Project Glass”. This project which is developed by the Google team is aiming to make our lives’ completely hands free. The device is capable of taking photos, doing check-ins, getting directions, video chat, listening to music and getting directions?

The project is still in its infancy, so the mockup of what the glasses look like now aren’t final– only a tentative rendering. You guys impressed yet? No? Ok, check out the video below and you’ll be impressed then.


YouTube Preview Image


source: Google+


  • Anonymous

    Those glasses actually look ok. Only one side has the guts and the rest look like regular glasses. Hopefully they’ll make an attachment that could snap on to any pair of glasses. 

  • Anonymous

    Countdown to the first accident caused by someone wearing these and to the first set of Feel Good legislation that bans their use while driving, starting…….now.

  • Matthew

    Looks neat, but we all know the technology is nowhere near what they show in the video.  Show us some real tech and not what it may look like in 10 years.

  • Spike

    Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!! I will say this, how long till we get some watered down iEyes that all the hipsters say was first??