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Samsung Galaxy S ICS “Value Pack” Update Released… For Korea Only



You remember the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone right? You know the phone that is among the best selling handsets of all time? We know it’s old, really old. While Google has repeatedly highlighted Ice Cream Sandwich would obviously hypothetically work on any device capable of running Gingerbread 2.3, Samsung has argued having ICS on its Galaxy S devices is next to impossible due to umm… no room for both TouchWiz & ICS. The criticism flowed from all sorts of people and that caused Sammy to re-think its strategy for it’s best-selling device and think about releasing an alternative ICS Value Pack for that device which incorporates ICS features on a Gingerbread 2.3 device. Naturally Sammy changed its mind again and made it clear it would not release any sort of enhanced update for the Galaxy S.

Well Sammy had a change of heart and decided to release the Galaxy S Value Pack update… for those in Korea that is. The newly released update features sweet options such as Facial Unlock and the ability to take photos while shooting video. If you’re a Galaxy S owner in Korea, all you do is head out to the source link below for the specific details and files, fire up Kies 2.0 and boom— you’re all set for some welcomed additions to your device.

Before you ask— there’s no word on if a similar update will ever reach American shores. It’s probably a safe bet that you don’t hold your breath on it.

source: Samsung | Samsung Tomorrow
via: Engadget

  • Michael Edmondson

    That’s ok. XDA will have a working one for Americans by the end of the week.

    • asd

      Cause Americans are the only ones with TECHNOLOGY.