AT&T’s HTC One X Smartphone Gets Benchmarked And Looks To Crush Competition


We know you all are getting antsy for the upcoming HTC One X smartphone for AT&T, especially after hearing a lucky few already have their hands on the actual device. Naturally some of you were waiting for some benchmarks and now you have them. While not featuring the Tegra 3 beast found in the international version, you’ll notice the Snapdragon S4 chip is a screamer. In fact— you’ll note that the phone crushes the competition… and it’s not even close. You’ll find the smartphone scored well over 2000 in the task-intensive Vellamo benchmark test, while scoring a stunning 4,952 in the Quadrant benchmark test. Guess those Snapdragon S4 benchmarks ran earlier in the year weren’t a fluke folks.

Ladies and gentlemen, if there wasn’t a reason before to covet this device, seeing these scores should make you change your mind. The wait shouldn’t be too much longer for the awesome smartphone. Hit the break for an additional benchmark screenshot.


source: pocketnow
via: AC Forums


    Huwaei ascend p has even better benchmark results it seems better than htc one x also. Just check Huwaei Ascend P fastest device in the world.

  • Vikash

    In vellamo score where is galaxy note…


    Looks like a great phone and I really like HTC products. Losing an SD card slot and with it up 32GB in storage rules this one out though. Add to that most versions have only 16GB internal storage which is really poor for this class of phone. And yeah, there’s the cloud but burning bandwidth just to access my own data? What are you thinking HTC?

    • kc

      Yeah, agreed!  This device is an iPhone copycat – embedded battery and no expansion slot for microSD. If I wanted one like this, I’ll go for an iPhone!!

      have to look at other non-iPhone copycat brands…