Huawei’s Ascend D Quad Not Shipping Until July?

The highly anticipated Ascend D Quad from Huawei, announced at MWC, has been reported by Chinese website CNMO that the device won’t even start being massed produced until June with a shipping schedule of some time in July.  As Huawei’s first quad-core handset (1.2 GHz), this comes as sort of a bummer.  By the time this device begins to hit the market, it’s more than likely both HTC and Samsung will have a quad-core device already in the hands of consumers.  The One X and Galaxy S III launching before the Ascend D Quad doesn’t seem like the handset would even have a chance.  Lets hope there’s enough there to differentiate the device from its competition.  Maybe in the pricing department?  As far as specs go, expect Android 4.0, a 4.5-inch IPS HD display coming in at a 1280 x 720 res, WiFi, 8MP camera, HSPA+ 21, Dolby Mobile 3.0 Plus technology and a gig of RAM.  In addition, 8GB of internal storage, a MicroSD card slot and 1.3MP front facing camera will also be on-board.  Not too shabby in the spec dept, obviously.  Stay tuned as we dig a little deeper on the launch of the device.  Here’s to hoping Huawei can stay ahead of schedule.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.











source: CNMO