IFROGZ Impulse Wireless Headphones review

There are a lot of great headphones on the market, but many of them are wired. Wireless audio is, without a doubt, the way the future is going as far as listening to audio goes. But, many of the wireless options that offer a level of quality right now are quite expensive; however, IFROGZ has a game changer — the Impulse Wireless headphones.


The IFROGZ Impulse Wireless headphones look very premium. In fact, I thought they looked pretty close to the design of the Beats Solo3 wireless headphones. Obviously you have a different color accent, but in structure, they’re pretty similar.

The pair I received was the White model with the tan cloth on the inside. They look very nice, although I’ve never been a huge fan of the white color scheme, largely because of how bad it usually shows dirt, dust and other particles.

On one earphone, you have a power button, which also doubles as the button to start the Bluetooth connection process. It’s a rather large button, but to start the process, you start with the headphones turned off, and then hold down on the power button until you see a red light appear (or they show up in your available Bluetooth devices list on whichever device you’re using).

Directly below the power button is an audio jack, which lets you turn them into wired headphones. You just need to plug the included audio jack into the headphones and then the other side into the device you plan on using for your source of music.

On the other side, you have volume up and down controls, as well as a play/pause button. Directly below that is the micro-USB port for charging.

The headphones are very compact, too. It’s got a built-in foldable design (much like the Beats Solo3), making them easy to take on the go.

The only real downside to these headphones is the material used on the over-ear part of the earphones. It’s very thin and the stitching doesen’t seem like it’ll hold up well over a long period of use. I’ve only used the headphones for a few weeks at this point, but you can already obviously see the wear on the earpieces themselves because of how thin that material is.

Sound Quality

Getting right to it, the sound is super impressive, even at higher volumes. In many wireless (and wired) earphones, sound quality notoriously gets worse the higher the volume is. Like I said, I’ve had these headphones for a few weeks now, and during my time with them, the degrade in quality with higher volume is very minimal if any at all.

I’ve made a few comparisons to the Beats Solo3’s already, but I’ll do the same again: I really feel like IFROGZ has been able to match the quality of sound found in Beats’ own headphones, and at a lower price point, too. You get high-quality and rich 40mm drivers in the Impulse Wireless headphones, which has a large part to play in delivering you the high sound quality.

You do notice sound quality start to dip around the time they need charging up, but that’s to be expected with all wireless earphones. Normally, you’ll get about a 12-hour charge on these, so there’s really no need to worry there.

All in all, IFROGZ has put together an excellent pair of headphones, and at a premium price point, too.


When it comes to choosing between the IFROGZ Impulse Wireless headphones and Beats Solo 3’s, the only real difference you’re going to have between the two is a slightly different shape and different color accents. Your big decision maker is that it feels like IFROGZ uses a little bit of a lesser quality material than Beats does.

But, honestly, when you’re getting these headphones from IFROGZ at over half the cost of the Beats Solo3, there’s no complaints to be had. You get the same level of sound quality and a premium looking design (though the materials might not feel that way, they do still faux-premium look, all for over half the cost of the Beats Solo3’s. If you’re looking for a cheap option for wireless headphones, but don’t want to sacrifice on quality, the IFROGZ Impulse Wireless headphones aren’t a bad choice in the least.

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About the Author: Brad Ward

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