Samsung Announces Pink Bobbi Brown Galaxy S II, Complete with Makeup Set and Sexy Packaging

Hey ladies! Have I got something cool for you to check out today… and yes it’s pink. Samsung recently teamed up with Bobbi Brown ( the makeup manufacturer, not the music artist. I wouldn’t submit you to any of his shenanigans) and released a pink version of the Galaxy S II. Not only do you get the most popular and best selling Android device ever in pink, you also get a small set of Bobbi Brown makeup and key ring to go along with it. By the looks of the pictures, the phone comes packaged in a sexy black box with a mirror on the lid, and you will also get a few eye shadow colors and a pink lip gloss, you know you love lip gloss!

Anyway, Sammy is doing this collaboration in celebration of selling over 5 million Galaxy S II’s in the Korean markets. That being said I must mention that this limited edition model is only available in Korea at this time and there is no word on its availability elsewhere. Sorry if I got your hopes up but if it’s just the pink SGSII you’re after, you can get that in the UK, Sweden and in Taiwan currently. For those who live in Korea and want the Bobbi Brown version, starting today you can get this device at Samsung’s “How To Live Smart” side project through the link below. Anyone getting one, or wish they could get one? Let us know in the comments.

source: How to Live Smart
via: UnwiredView



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  • Superduty1985

    I wonder if this is the same pink device as the 50 pink ones on eBay @ a rediculaus 649. The one on eBay says pink but the picture looks like a mauve color. Thank god its not baby pink or my wife would want one. Also I guarantee your paying something extra towards Bobby brown

  • Anonymous

    Since most everyone puts on a case that covers the phone, I don’t think the actual phone color is a consideration.  However, the make-up is a nice addition.

  • Leximonkey101

    what is it at&t or sprint t-moible!?!?!?!