Gingerbread Officially Most Popular Android Version

Gingerbread is officially the most popular version of Android. Gingerbread (Android 2.3.x) is on 44.4% of all devices, passing Froyo (Android 2.2.x) which now accounts for 40.7% of Androids. Somewhat surprising is Eclair (Android 2.1.x), accounting for 10.7% of all Androids. Honeycomb– which covers tablets only– accounts for roughly 2% of all Androids. Considering Google’s upcoming sweet treat should theoretically work on any 2.3 device, you can’t help but wonder how it will eat at Gingerbread’s overall lead of Android devices this time next year. Hit the break for an exact breakdown of Android’s software distribution after the break.

[via Phone Arena by Android Developers]