Samsung showed off its folding display today, but it’s not a real phone yet

Earlier today Samsung finally showed off its very first folding smartphone, a device that’s been rumored and talked about for literally years. But while that sounds really cool, a more accurate description of everything would be that Samsung actually just talked up a fancy proof of concept gadget, and we’re still in the dark about when to actually expect it in a consumer device.

While showing it off, Samsung made sure to hide the actual design of the phone itself and dim the lights on stage, so all we really saw was a display that could fold in half and run three simultaneous apps, but a real smartphone. And honestly, that’s the point; Samsung wanted to announce its new Infinity Flex display technology, not announce a new device on the heels of the Galaxy Note 9.

If that’s what you expected from the event, you probably walked away really happy. Samsung showed how the display could be used and even announced that Google would be working folding displays into Android natively which should theoretically help a real phone avoid some of the clunky and slow software that’s plagued other folding devices. It also paves the way for other OEMs to make devices in similar form factors.

So there’s still a ton of questions about this mysterious, potential Galaxy F device. Samsung said it’s gearing up to start manufacturing these displays in the next few months, but they didn’t talk about that extends to this particular prototype, or if this prototype will actually be released. No mention of hardware or specs, either. And perhaps the biggest question, will this type of screen work with everything that’s already on the Play Store?

So, yes, we know the device exists. We know Samsung is working on it, both in hardware and software, but… that’s pretty much it. Proof of concept until we see it launch in a mainstream device.

source: Samsung

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