Samsung Galaxy F rumors heat up with model numbers and firmware

Samsung is set to announce something very soon, but we’re still not 100% sure what exactly that’s going to be. There are plenty of rumors about a folding phone being shown off, but some overlap between the Galaxy F and Galaxy X codenames make it hard to pinpoint exactly what to expect.

Now more rumors are popping up about the Galaxy F phone, including some full model numbers and firmware versions, which means we’ll very likely see the Galaxy F before the end of the year. But does that F mean “folding?”

A model SM-F900U has surfaced, and from that we can pretty safely guess the phone will be a high-end device in the Galaxy F family, according to Samsung’s typical naming schemes. That does match up with Samsung previously suggesting that their folding phone will be a high-end device.

There’s also some firmware being tested for Asian and European markets for the F900F and F900N, which again lends some credibility to a weird form factor. Samsung is supposedly working directly with Google on Android tweaks to support the foldable display, which will need a bigger dose of custom software than what we usually see on Galaxy smartphones.

But while the folding phone is a good guess, there have been some new rumors about Samsung also taking a stab at the gaming smartphone market to compete with Razer and Asus. We’ve heard way less about that, but it’s something to keep an eye out for.

source: SamMobile

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