LG has jumped into the foldable phone game with a planned CES 2019 reveal

We’ve been hearing about Samsung’s (vaporware) foldable phone, known as the Galaxy X, for an eternity now. But it looks like an actual reveal (or some kind of info) might happen next week at Samsung’s Developer Conference 2018 in San Francisco. However, a surprise entry in the foldable phone game is LG, which plans on showing off their own next-gen device in January. According to the ever reliable leaker Evan Blass (@EVLeaks), the company will reveal a folding phone at CES 2019 and could actually share the spotlight with Samsung’s Galaxy X. LG had also confirmed that a foldable phone was in the works earlier this month.

The first tweet from Blass is a little vague, but he’s clear about the fact that LG’s keynote will include a foldable phone. He tweeted later in response to a comment, giving a stronger hint that Samsung will indeed also show the Galaxy X at CES 2019.

I’m a little torn about this new foldable phone thing. I hope it’s not a forced technical advancement just for the sake of an advancement. Will the screens hold up to hundreds or thousands of folds? Do consumers really want a device like this? Time will tell, but I’m genuinely intrigued and looking forward to see what these mobile giants have in store. Let’s just hope they don’t push the price ceiling to $2,000 for a phone…

Source: Evan Blass

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