The downward spiral starts as Essential lays off tons of employees

Essential as a company is pretty much doomed, but they’ve been handling maintenance mode pretty well for the past few months. The tides might be turning, though, as they’ve officially laid off around 30% of their workforce as they begin winding down their day-to-day operations.

This doesn’t mean Essential is going under next week, and hopefully they stay afloat and active long enough for a few more major software updates, but considering most news surrounding the company lately has been negative or related to price cuts, it’s safe to say this is the start of a downward trend until Essential is totally defunct.

With that being said, Essential is claiming that their slimmer workforce will allow them to deliver a better, game changing product. Sounds like PR spin, but hey, whatever they like to think.

via: Android Community

  • wumps13

    Nobody wants to buy this brand it would be cheap for a chinese company to catch this nice startup … ?